This is the personal website of the Murchie family based in Edinburgh, UK.

This section contains my musical archive with recordings ranging from my early South African punk band "Days Before" in 1980's South Africa, solo Sidney Motorscooter demos through to more recent recordings under the name "The Raw I's".

This site also contains content relating to 70s/80s South African punk or post punk bands. It currently includes content on punk/post punk era South African bands - Peach, Dog Detachment, Asylum Kids and Wild Youth/Gay Marines. I am also including music related content regarding Edinburgh band "The Dancing Bears".

My pages also contain links to various other websites and businesses such as Edinburgh Web Design Agency, iProduct and bydeezine - Funny Christian Cards I am associated with in one way or another.





The aim of this page, and in fact this site a a whole, is a practical one to deliver content so please excuse the lack of design and enjoy the basic simplicity of the layout.

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